"Zeiterfassung ZE" is a full fledged solution for collecting employees working hours. It is entirely written in Oberon and heavily uses state of the art techniques. Data are stored in a DB and can be viewed and modified in a secure way with an efficient Web interface. Data can be collected in several ways including barode readers, badges with magnetic strip, chip cards, touchless sensors and others. There are no logical restrictions on the number of data collection stations or the number of employees. Each employee can view and modify his or her own data; modifications are logged and can be later inspected by authorised staff. Communication is performed with secure channels. Identification can be done in classical way with user name password request but also in more elegant techniques like with certificates or with tokens.

The demonstration includes data management and evaluation tasks; the system architecture is explained and key features of the solution can be discussed with an interested audience.

The solution is open source and uses the following tools and platforms:
- FreeBSD
- oo2c
- Apache-ModSSL
- PHP4
- Perl
- Mozilla-Browser

The data collecting stations are built by Rexroth (see http://www.rexroth-ic.de/). The currently implentation at the customer's site includes:
- ZE300, ZE600 (see http://www.rtic.de/files/data/serie300600.pdf)
- programmable interpreter
- connected by V.24 or Ethernet/TP
- support of several identifcation methods

Identification methods:
- Barcode
- Chip card
- Magentic strip badge
- Touchless badge