Company: O3

Product: O3 CP Framework

Description: The O3 CP Framework is an evolution of the Web Application Framework presented at the JMLC 2000 in Zurich. The new O3 CP Framework is both, cross platform and Component Pascal, i.e. it can be used with Oberon Microsystem's BlackBox (OMBB) or with Gardens Point's Component Pascal (GPCP). The O3 CP Framework only needs a working TCP/IP connection besides the basic features of the operating system like memory management and file system.
For Building the plug-in modules of the O3 CP Framework there are three different possibilities:
- native IA32 code using OM's BB
- Java byte code using GP's CP JVM version
- .NET code using the GP's CP .NET version
O3 shows a database application running on top of the framework and explains the architectural concept.